Halcyon Creative Arts was established in 2018 to provide high quality arts education to local children and young adults. We offer a range of disciplines to cultivate individual skills and confidence, while promoting wonder, empathy and community cohesion.

We believe in:

  • developing our students vocationally, socially and morally to become co-operative, responsible and creative young people;
  • fostering within our pupils a lifelong interest in the arts and a passion to fulfil their dreams;
  • using our passion to positively contribute to our local society and wider community;
  • equality for all, and offering a safe and welcoming space to celebrate diversity.


Rachel Anne Hammerton Principal Creative Director. Halcyon Theatre School Great Harwood. Drama, dance and musical theatre. Headshot photograph by Scott David Jackson.

Rachel Anne Hammerton

Rachel has spent 15 years training at Pat Eaket’s School of Dance and Drama, and 3 years producing and choreographing youth drama productions. In this time, she has gained vocational qualifications in a variety of art forms. After gaining a first-class degree in Education at one of the country’s top teaching Universities she established Halcyon to introduce comprehensive and detailed drama and musical theatre training to her hometown.